Hi, my name is Elaine.

I have been supported by Freespace since ‘95. I found Freespace, when I had an important decision to make in my life in 1994. At that point I had been at a college in Cheltenham for just over three years and I was ready to move on. The decision was, do I move back to the family home in Northumberland where there was nothing for me to do, or find my own place? As you can tell, I found my own place, here with Freespace in Edinburgh. At that time I did not know anyone in Edinburgh. So I started the process and things just fell into place.

I am involved with Freespace at all different levels from being the Co-convenor on the Board to interviewing/training staff basically from all levels. I share my staff team with other freespacers and it gives me flexibility, and helps me to be as independent as I can; a go getter.  And with a mixture of staff who support me with all different gifts, skills and talents.

Freespace allows my personality to shine bright. If I hadn’t found Freespace many years ago, I wouldn’t like to think where I could have ended up.

Every day is different in my life and my staff adapt to it. Being able to come home whenever I want and known that someone is on the other end of a radio gives me, my family, and partner peace of mind.