I first got involved in the Freespace Board in 1995.  I came off the Board when I was doing my counselling diploma and counselling work which I started in 1997.  I worked for the LCIL (Lothian Centre for Inclusive Living) for 17 years in their counselling service before it closed.  I bring this experience and passion with me to the Board.

Since that work ended I’ve had more time on my hands and so I came back to the Freespace Board in 2012/13. I like being a Board member as I am curious about what is going on around me, behind the scenes, and I like being involved in the decision making. My role on the Board is to let other board members know what it is like to use the Freespace support services as an insider: I know what it is like at the grass roots.  I also know what it feels like working closely with support staff on a 1:1 basis.  I bring this insight of the services from experiencing them as an insider.  My dream for the future for Freespace is that there is more money available for the services, more security for the staff and high morale.  It would be nice to see lots of people involved on a personal level in Freespace activities like the Forum.